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Physio Advantages and Services Offered


Many of us are yet to hear about the physio Adelaide that provides excellent service. The services provided by a Physical Therapist in Adelaide include sports injuries, general health and disability assessment, ergonomics, pain management, therapeutic exercise, and movement therapy, chiropractic, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and balance and stability. The physical examination and diagnostic workup were done by a Physiotherapist in Adelaide to help in early diagnosis, which saves you from unnecessary pain, stress and suffering.

Sports Injuries. A serious sports injury can be one of the most painful and challenging situations. The right physio Adelaide uses all the advanced technology for treating sports injuries and helps you regain your confidence. When it comes to back pain, the problems can be quite varied. But irrespective of the nature of your injury, you can be sure that the services of a professional physio Adelaide will help you overcome them.

General Health and Disability Assessment. We all go through different phases in life, and there is a range of conditions and symptoms associated with each stage. If you are feeling discomfort in certain body parts, this may indicate a more serious problem. Physiotherapists make use of their knowledge and expertise in assessing these body parts and diagnosing the problem. With their guidance, you can benefit from several treatment options, including physical therapy, exercises and treatments for various conditions like arthritis and muscle pains, trigger point therapy, soft tissue injuries and more.

Core Stability. A strong core structure plays an important role in preventing back pain and other related problems. It is one of the main reasons ICT (Electrical Stimulation) and PCA (Patellofemoral Therapy) techniques have become so popular worldwide. Physical therapists help patients improve their core stability by conducting various tests and therapies. Trigger point therapy and core stability improve the blood flow in your muscles, leading to less pain and restriction.

Nerve Mobilisation. It is the process where specific electrical impulses are targeted at damaged myofascial areas and muscle groups to increase their flexibility and strengthen them. Trigger point therapy and myofascial release techniques are the basis of many physio Adelaide appointments. The aim is to increase the amount of stretching and strength achieved by the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Myofascial release techniques such as nerve mobilisation are often used in combination with other types of treatments.

Sports Injuries. One of the most common injuries suffered by athletes and active individuals is sports-related back pain. It can be caused by several different factors such as improper lifting techniques, incorrect movement, poor biomechanics or injury. Physiotherapy for this can include ultrasound technology, passive stretching techniques and trigger point therapy. Active individuals may also require rehabilitation of joint cartilage, ligaments, and muscles to prevent further injury or long-term damage. To rehabilitate after an injury, the physical therapist will use a range of stretching exercises and strengthening exercises to rebuild strength and prevent further injury.